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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mongolia New Highlights

My hiatus was interrupted with juicy news updates! Firstly, a person protesting Chinese aggression in Tibet was arrested in Mongolia. Read this
Secondly, The Children's Park is only going to be 1/3 the park it used to be. I think this a REAL lose for here
And lastly, rising food prices are affecting Mongolians. I cannot believe that 20,000 people gathered to protest. I'm sure that was something to see. Read this
Thanks to my friends who are one the scene to keep me in touch with what it going on.
If you really are interested in news about Mongolia and don't speak Mongolian, there is a link to the UB Post on the side here, check it out!


Bob said...

Just a funky crazy idea, but Mongolia has LOTS of space. Why not develop a new capital in a new location like Kazakhstan did, and perhaps solve the pollution problem somehow before it happens? And now back to the regularly scheduled blog...

Christian said...

About the food-prices protest, I think that might be an exaggeration. The version I heard from an eyewitness was "a few people standing around with signs," and not "20,000 people in protest."

Also, I work kinda near the square and had lunch not at all far away on Friday, so if there had been protesters I probably would have heard some noise. Also most of the afternoon was another sandstorm, so unless they were protesting in the morning, which I'd doubt, I'm not sure whether this happened at all.