Weather in UB

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Pitt students assembling a ger
"Khudor" guarding the gers
A horse race
Herds coming home at dusk
Sunset in Bayanchandman
I was helping the ACMS guide a group of University of Pittsburgh students who were in Mongolia as a part of a study abroad program that looks at China and it's periphery. This year they focused on Inner and Outer Mongolia. I just got back form spending 3 days in Tov Aimag, Bayanchandman (Mongolian for: Rich past, present and future) soum. This soum is on the "Darkhan road", about 60 minutes outside UB. There we got to stay with a herder family, build a ger, ride horses, do some sightseeing, slaughter a sheep and a goat, and eat a tasty hurhog (delicious pressure cooked meat). The best thing about a hurhog is that they use hot rocks to help cook the meat. They heat the rocks in the fire and then put all the meat and ingredients into a canister with the hot rocks and let it cook. When its finished they take out the rocks and everyone juggles hot rocks in there hands, covering themselves with oil. It's supposed to be good for your health! The great thing about this trip for me was watching the students discover and realize things for the first time. Not much surprises me anymore having lived here on and off for nearly 3 years. It's nice to be reminded about how unique Mongolian culture is.
Note on the weather. The herders said that the weather is about 3 weeks behind where it shoudl be. If you look at the pics you will see that this area hasn't gotten much rain. Which means the animals aren't fattening up. I was looking forward to the first airag of the season, but that'll have to wait a few weeks.


Andrew Campbell said...

Awesome pics, Annie. It must be nice to get out in the hoodoo again -- I can imagine how you feel about seeing Mongolia 'like new' all over again by seeing it through someone else's eyes. Thanks for reminding me about hurhog... will need to go heat some stones for tonight's dinner.


John said...

Pitt is the shit. Glad you were able to engage and drop some of your knowledge on the students, AR!

Bilguun said...

"looking forward to the first airag of the season". you sound like a mongolian already.

Ulaana said...

Ha! I guess that is a funny statement. I'm going to Dornod this weekend and there i'm looking forward to some delicious Buryat dairy products and early jam too! YUM! Local and organic is better for you, right?!