Weather in UB

Monday, August 27, 2007

my view

This picture is a view from my balcony. In the distance you can see at least 4 cranes( building boom!). All in all, not a bad view. The pollution was minimal the day I took this, so you can actually see the hills :)

I was out and about early this morning. I looked up at the balconies in the buildings around mine and I was happy to see older Mongolians doing their morning prayers. Part of morning prayers in throwing milk from a bowl to the sky, earth , wind. One older woman was quite shocked to see me looking up at her (usually people are looking down here, trying not to fall in a manhole). I greeted her with a sunny “Ta saina baina uu?” (literally “is good there?” but it means “how are you”) We chatted about the beautiful weather and I moved on. Hopefully she liked me enough to include me in her prayers.
Another photo of the UB building boom. Taken next to Sukhbaatar Square.


Andrew Campbell said...

Bagsh: I recognize that crane... just kidding! Nice view. Look forward to seeing it ourselves. Probably won't be any leaves on the trees then...

best from us

melissa said...

cool blog annie pannie. keep up with the pics! i like to look at yer pics.