Weather in UB

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Extreme Weather

The UB Post had a lead article this week about a snow storm taking 7 lives (UB Post article). It's always shocking to me when things like this happen. Even though The herders know the weather patterns so well, the trend in global warming has thrown things off. Sukhbataar Aimag in southeastern Mongolia usually doesn't get that much snow or extreme weather. It's just flat, dusty, and cold. I've mentioned this before, but the weather is really strange this year. It's not nearly as cold in UB as it should be. I'm not complaining because once it gets cold, the pollution from the ger districts burning unwashed coal and plastics, will be unbearable. When it starts to get cold here I'm heading out to carcinogen free air, for my fieldwork in the countryside. For now, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine and balmy 41F!


Captain Morgan said...

Is there an influx of mud, as seen in Long Way Round (which I finally finished today)?

Ulaana said...

Good lord Morgan! Are you seriously just finishing that movie now? 5 months from when we started it :)