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Friday, October 26, 2007

I thought it would be nice to share some pictures of things I see everyday. They are kind of random, but I hate walking around the city with my camera out. As you can tell from these shots, I was very stealthy when I took them, not paying much attention to angle or shade. I took em' quick! They do offer a small glimpse into my life here:
These are the kids in my courtyard that hoop it up everyday after their classes. They are generally a friendly bunch, but every once in awhile they like to try out a swear word to see what I do. I either ignore them, or throw some Mongolian back at em.
This is big pink school #5 right in my neighborhood. A testament to the beauty of Russian architecture.
Here is a good shot of "The Burger House". It's on my way to the National University. I've never eaten there, but apparently babies and Paris Hilton like it, so it must be good. A testament to the globalization of the hamburger.
This is building #4 of the National University of Mongolia. This building and the college kids who live/attend classes in it, greet me every day on my way to the office.

This is a picture of the plaque outside the Cuban Embassy. I walk past this building everyday. I think I saw a Cuban guy once. I'm assuming this is the least desirable country for an ambassador from Cuba to be sent to. I'm sure that guy keeps a low profile. I felt really guilty taking this picture, like I was committing a crime. I mean, you can't get this close the US embassy! I literally could have gone and knocked on the door. Instead, I left our Cuban friends alone.

I must confess, I decided to take these pictures today after seeing my friend J's pictures of his research site in Kyrgyzstan. My pictures aren't nearly as beautiful, but they are probably just as interesting to people who have never been to this part of the world. In a few weeks I'll be off to the Mongolian coutryside for my own research and I'll be sure to take some breathtaking photos (In addition to the very serious, very important data collection)!


Leah said...

Those pictures make me want to eat at the Burger House, we should try it sometime...then knock on the Cuban embassy's door and ask the ambassador for some cigars

Christian said...

UB is so Soviet, but as cheesy as this is gonna sound it's still got it's own uniqueness.

This one time a few weeks ago some stoner kids drifted into a store near my building where I happened to be and they tried the cursing thing on me too. I pretended I was Russian, and surprise surprise, they could curse in that language too. The weirdest part was that one of them apologized to me as I was leaving.

It's odd which embassies act what way. Cuba and the UK you can go right up to the door. China makes you wait outside in the snow for a few hours, and their consular section is open for a grand total of 9 hours per week. The US, Turkey, and France have big gated compounds, but you can talk to the guard. Vietnam's the same way, but North Korea doesn't even have a guard from what I could tell just walking by. Everyone has cameras though, lots of them.