Weather in UB

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thick Blood

It's been a while since I wrote anything. I haven't succumb to vodka poisoning , although there are still 750 bottles of poison vodka somewhere in this country. The speculation is that herders bought those bottles and because herders live in very remote places, they may not know that they have been recalled. YIKES.
Winter weather has really hit Mongolia with a vengeance in the past week or so. Records were broken all over the country last week for lows. Usually at this time of year it starts to warm up at the end of the "9 sets of 9". During the first set of 9, cows horns freeze. There are different indicators throughout the 9's. Somewhere in the middle vodka freezes, and then it gets warmer with different warm weather indicators. The city folks I live around laugh when I bring up the 9's, but in the countryside, following the 9's is serious business. All I know is that it's 9:45am and it's -31F. Yuck.
I promise to take some winter pics of UB for you all to see. It's just that it's so cold and to take off my gloves and expose my hands is frightening. I'll have to get a little fur coat for my camera too.


Andrew Campbell said...

Geezum, bagsh... should be easy to spot the poison vodka... it's the stuff that doesn't freeze when it's left on the balcony!

Buying all the warm clothes now. Phewee, it's going to be toasty when we get there!


Meg said...


Eek! Hopefully a heat wave will his before our visit! (is that wishful, deluded thinking, or what?!) Stay warm, kid. Love you, Meg