Weather in UB

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Waiting to inhale

My courtyard with the garbage collection in the a.m., pollution looming.

Rounding the corner, trying not to inhaleVisibility, less than a mile

If the pollution wasn't there you would see a ger district in the hills.
I promise I'll write something that shows this city in a positive light soon! I think the winter blues are getting me. The mornings are the worst here. No one wants to leave the house because the air is so bad. I go to the gym everyday to get rid of my excess energy and to clear my head for thesis writing. Perhaps I'll take some pictures at the gym! I took these pics this morning around 10am. The taxi driver actually encouraged me to take pictures. I told him that my friends didn't understand how bad the pollution problem is here.
Usually by the middle of the day it clears up a bit, only to get awful again at night.
I can't wait to get outta the city!

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MC said...

yes, i concur. the smog in the wintertime is terrible! all the people in ger districts (some 300,000 or so of them) burn coal or whatever they can find to stay warm in UB, the coldest capital city in the world. the resulting smog fills up the city. when i walk through the smog, it feels like my lungs and my throat are burning (slightly of course). yes, it's that bad. so, please believe ulaana when she says the pollution in wintertime is bad. (the summer is nice though!)