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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

North Korean Circus

The North Korean circus was in town last week. A group of friends and I figured this was probably as close as we would ever get to North Korea, so we went to the Mongol Circus and checked it out.
Apparently Asashoruyu (Dagvadorj, the Mongolian Yokozuna sumo wrestler) bought and remodeled the wrestling palace. In his remodeling plan, he failed to think of people over 5 feet tall. None of us could fit in these seats. You think a sumo wrestler would have considered that.James demonstrating how difficult it was for him to fit.
The North Korean Circus was also a diplomatic venue as the President of Mongolia was sitting a few rows in front of us. Also in attendance was the "Ulaan Lama". He was in the row in front of us and is one of the most famous and respected Lamas in Mongolia. He is the guy who decides what dates Tsagaan Sar will be celebrated on based on astrology and other calculations.
The performance itself was great! It wasn't Cirque de Soleil, but it had it's moments of suspense and grandeur.


Bob said...

That guy flipping in the air is like the North Korean version of Travis Pastrana jumping out of a plane with no parachute.
My trip to MGL was postponed probably until August. Lovely pics and videos. That seat reminds me that I wear a size XXL shirt in MGL. Seen the Lemons again lately? What are some hot musical trends in UB lately? Altan Urag seems popular.

John said...

Please tell me a bear and a unicycle were involved. Please...

Ulaana said...

I haven't seen the Lemons lately. You are right though, Altan Urag is all the rage. They play at Ikh Mongol every Sunday night.
John, there were no animals. To be honest, I was kinda bummed about that. I guess it would be difficult to get animals from North Korean to UB.

Natso said...

Last time they visited UB was in 2006 ; definitely before I left off to study in Europe.

I didn't have high opinion about it, and after reading your article I know I saved few thousand tugrugs, lol!