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Monday, March 24, 2008

Where does your dog play?

Pepa posing with the animal loving grandpa
A few flowers and a good scrub could really help.
Santi and Pepa playing by the zodiac signs
The dogs drinking fecal in the mote (not so healthy!)
Disgusting Pepa
I'm dog sitting for Pepa again. This time it's been really fun. My friend Brian is trying to socialize his Mongolian street dog, Santi and because Pepa is such a sweet heart, she has accepted Santi as a friend. It's also been great because I found a way into the Children's Park that has recently been fenced off. Apparently the president of Mongolian owns the Children's Park now and there is some discussion as to whether or not he intends to keep the park or develop the property. Considering that it's pretty much the last open "green" space in UB, I would vote for keeping it.
Right now it's kind of sad looking, but a little clean up and landscaping could go a long way! The Children's Park has a big castle with a mote around it in the center. The mote is currently home to what smells like raw sewage. On one of our park adventures, Pepa decided to lead Santi into the mote and get disgustingly dirty.
There is also a pack of dogs that "guards" the park. They usually hassle us on the way in and out. I just motion like I am going to throw a rock at them and they back off. The walk to the park is actually the most dangerous because we walk through a ger district where there are about 15 dogs that see Pepa as fresh meat.
The Santi/Pepa partnership is gonna be great when we start running with Hash House Harriers in a few weeks!


Christian said...

Oh God, Pepa really did get gross! Poor thing, but I guess she probably enjoyed it.

And the Hashers can't start soon enough. Personally I don't think it's "too cold to hold a can of beer" anymore.

Andrew Campbell said...

Bagsh... is all that graffiti still up on that brick wall down by the Ferris Wheel? On a different note, saw some nice glam pictures of you from the other night. Thought you went with K-Fed, though? He still hasn't told me what those birds we saw were, though.


Ulaana said...

You mean the graffiti that says "Fucking Chinese" and "Fuhrer"? It's still there all right. Totally bizarre in a children's park! All ask K-Fed and the whole twitching community about the birds

Andrew Campbell said...

Yeup, that's the graffiti. Not sure how I feel about you hanging out with a bunch of 'twitchers', though.