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Thursday, September 27, 2007

The BBC prompted me to write this

The BBC prompted me to write about 2 things:
1. Asashoruyu (aka Dagvagdorj)/Sumo
2. The HUGE baby born in the Altai region in Russia.

About's huge here. I was over at the Japanese-Mongolian center (funded by the Japanese government) and people were sitting around watching sumo, talking about sumo and eating cymo (Sumo cookies)! Mongolians love wrestling, and when one of their own, Dagvadorj, is on top, they love it even more. Beating the Japanese at their own game! But Dagvadorj has proven to be quite a handful for Japanese Sumo. They've dubbed him the "bad boy" of Sumo. It's all over the Mongolian and Japanese news. Everyone watches his every move. Check out the BBC article

What are they feeding the women in the Altai region? This lady had a 17.5lb (7.75kg) baby. Those are some kind of potatoes, noodles, and tomatoes! Here is the link


kathyr said...

anne-your blog is now posted on my colum,n in the reporter! you will be famous!!!! Great blog anne!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Ulaanaa
Seems like your name is Anne
I was surfing around net today and found your blog been reading today very interesting
I'm from mongolia but live in USA
Miss my home so its nice to read about -, + about my home country
That sumo wrestler was my HS he was very aggressive that all I remember about him but everyone used to praise him cause he played HS basketball player

Ulaana said...

Hey! You found out my real name! I should tell my mom not to write it (ha!). Anyway, glad you found my blog. Check out some of the more recent stuff.