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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Mongolian Nationalists

My friends and I have been talking about the Mongolian Nationalist groups that have come to our attention in recent days. They advocate for "traditional Mongolian morals and values." Here is a link to a UB Post article outlining the latest threats from the Nationalist parties. The bottom line here is that most of the jobs and construction projects are funded by Chinese or Korean companies. Therefore, many of the workers are Korean and Chinese. Unemployment is high in Mongolia, so people really resent this.

I wonder where the Nationalist parties draw the line? I saw them on TV the other day and they were all outfitted in Western army fatigues. Perhaps they didn't realize that the very clothes they were wearing were most likely made in China. I would recommend that they wear a "traditional" Mongolian deel, but most of the silk and fabric here is also made in China.

I'll keep you posted on what these guys do next.

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