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Sunday, September 2, 2007

My blog is blocked in China!

Picture: UB in the distance, near the Zaisan Memorial

This just in: My friend Alec (of Alec and Tosca's wedding) just notified me that my blog is blocked in China! Subversive material, no doubt.

Aside from the very important research I am laying the groundwork for, I’ve been partaking in many activities. First off, I joined a gym. It’s called “The Energy Fitness ANT” gym. I have no idea what “ANT” stands for. It’s relatively inexpensive and they have a few treadmills, bikes, weight machines, etc. Additionally they offer great classes. My favorite so far has been “Combat Class”. It brings me back to my kickboxing days. Just to attest to the difficulty of the class, 10 of us started and 4 of us finished the class. Mind you, I’m usually the only foreigner and I’m generally twice the size of my female, Asian counterparts. They marvel over that fact that I’m fatter than them, yet somehow I can work out longer and stronger! ARGH! The gym is also a great place to practice my Mongolian because the classes are in Mongolian. Hopefully phrases like, “jump higher” will come up often in my research.
I also joined the Hash House Harriers. Many of you are familiar with the group, if not members yourselves. Apparently the UB group is pretty chilled out. We actually only have about a month left until we pack up shop for the winter. For those of you who don’t know, Hash is an international running/walking group with a whole lotta party!
Thus far, UB is a pretty great place to live. Sometimes the cars and pollution are too much to take. I realize, however, that I will be in the countryside before I know it, so I should soak up the perks of city life while I can. I found a great vegetarian restaurant across from my office. It’s owned by a Mongolian who studied Yoga in India and believes in a meat free, fat free, sugar free diet. For those of you who know anything about Mongolian cuisine, this goes against everything in this culture. Oddly enough, at lunch time, this place is packed. Maybe they all go home and eat huge, fatty chunks of meat.


Andrew Campbell said...


Huh?! Hash Harriers + Combat Class... sounds like all that rugby in college did you some good. Get your wresting outfit for Naadam yet?


PS: did they clean up that brick wall in the children's park yet?


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