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Monday, November 5, 2007

I'm going to the countryside

In true researcher style, I'm taking off for 6 weeks to go into "the field". It's kinda funny because I'm really already in "the field", but it seems like when people talk about field research, they literally mean going into "the bush" (or field). A couple of people have recently said to me, "well, when are you goin into the field"? It's a hard question because technically, I'm already in "the field" doing interviews, observations, and other things that researchers do :) My "field" just happens to be an urban center at the moment. So, I like to say that I'm now entering the countryside portion of my fieldwork. Now that I'm done explaining that, I'd like you all to turn your attention to my friend Jaspal's blog ( Jaspal has documented his time in "the field" in Mongolia and offers really interesting and insightful comments about his research here. Plus, he takes great pictures! So I might be MIA for a few weeks. Check my blog now and again because I may have some access to decent Internet connections in "the field".


jaspal said...

I agree Red, you have already been in the field the last few months. But I'm probably guilty for having asked you that very question - "when you going to the field?"

Anyhow, I came to your blog today hoping to find some research updates from the field, the bush, the huduu, the eastside, the steppe - whatever you're calling it. I know you all have good Internet out there, so don't disappoint!

pat said...

The BINGO team looks like people from the powerplant.