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Friday, November 9, 2007

An Update from "the field"

Since Jaspal commented that I actually do have pretty good Internet out here, I'm gonna briefly update you all now and add the pics once I'm back in UB.
So this is my first time back to Choibalsan, the city I lived in for 2 years from 2003-2005. I must say, not a lot has changed. There are a few new buildings and stores, but the heart and soul of Choibalsan is the same. I think I forgot how "countryside" this place actually is. I think living in UB...Oh, i have to finish that thought later because a Mormon Elder interrupted to ask if I had "seen the light of Jesus Christ, our savior...." I told him that I can barely see any light through the smog in UB, but perhaps "the light" shines in Choibalsan. We then got into a discussion about "secret underwear", cultural reciprocity and paternalism. He invited me to spend 4 hours in church on Sunday, but I think I'll be worshipping at the church of mutton and vodka out by the river with my friends...."where one or 2 are gathered in my name, I am present."


John said...

Still smilin from the entry, AR! I am cannonized saint in the Church of Mutton and Vodka. Hoist a greasy chunk for me, and wash it down with the greatest gift the Ruskis bestowed upon the Mongols. Wish I was there! Love ya!

Ulaana said...

Johnnybek, Saraa's dad says hi. Everyone asked about you. You are immortalized in Choibalsan.

Meg said...

Hey fellow Riordan kids - loved the posting and comments! While not quite the devout worshiper at your "mutton and vodka church," I'm happy to see you evoking the "where one or two are gathered....I am there.." sentiment. 16 years of Catholic schooling did you right. You ARE an Easter person, Annie! Have fun in the countryside!

Captain Morgan said...

Worshiping mutton and vodka? What next - will we worship dead carpenters?