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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The Lemons. Photo credit J. Sandhu
The Lemons play every Monday night here in UB at the Grand Khan Irish Pub. It's a real Irish pub (they even serve Guinness), but a hell of a lot cleaner than the pubs are in Ireland. The Lemons are my favorite Mongolian band. They are very hip, Indie rock guys. If you read my blog, you've read about them before. Judging by the looks on the faces of many in the crowd, I'm not sure Mongolians are really into this style of music. They seem to prefer slow songs about their homeland and mothers, like Javhlan sings. The Lemons managed to play a bunch of my favs and they covered Queen and Radiohead. It was cool to see them rocking out. It reminded me of home...except everyone at the pub was sitting down.


James said...

Hi, Ulaana.
I came across "The Lemons" on the web today by chance. A rather serendipitous discovery. What a great band! They could be a hit in the UK or America if they had the right promotion. If my dreams of cycling in Mongolia come true, I will see them in UB one day soon. You don't know of any translations of their song lyrics do you?
Love your blog by the way.
James in Bangkok

James said...
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Ulaana said...

Translating the Lemons would be quite the interesting test of my Mongolian slang! Have you seen their Myspace page? You can actually ask them what they wrote the songs about. They speak English. They actually do some really good cover songs too :) If you have a specific translation question, pass it on to me and I'll see what I can do.