Weather in UB

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Back in the MGL

I'm back from my short jaunt to the USA. I must say, I really missed Mongolia! It was nice and easy to come back to beautiful weather. It would have been awful to come back to the pollution.
I went to by food today and I was really happy that the Mongolian grown vegetables are back at the market. I was not so happy about the price inflation. 3 weeks ago I bought bread for 850tg and now that same bread is 1000tg! I was shocked. Even though the weather is nice now, I heard there was a blizzard yesterday. You just never know what it's gonna be like here. The dust storms are in full affect. I'm constantly eating bits of Ulaanbataar, or the Gobi or wherever that dust comes from!
I'll get back to picture taking and posting soon.


Andrew Campbell said...

Welcome back, Bagsh! Is there a Master in the house? I wouldn't think too hard about where the dust comes from... I don't know if during the winter knowing it was coal dust was better or worse. Don't think we have any blizzards scheduled -- but the 30deg swings from one day to the next are a little goofy.

all best wishes

Natso said...

She's back, Yeay!

That darn inflation's pissing off everyone, I must say. I wonder how we're going to solve it.

I read about the Children's Park, that's a pity! Let's just hope those private companies will improve it.

I've been involved in a discussion about sandstorm and poor environmental policy, but ended up talking about corruption. I guess that's the root of all the problems.

What do you think about the city pollution we have? Other cities must have overcame this kind of thing in some way...

Ulaana said...

my friends and I constantly talk about how Mongolia could be the first country to go completely "green". With all the wind and solar power this country has, EVERYTHING could be run and surplus could be sold to China and Russia. That would also boost the tourism industry. However, that's a dream. I think Mongolia is world's away from really addressing the pollution issue. Because there are more pressing basic issues that aren't being met, like food security, housing, employment, etc.

Natso said...

that's an interesting point you made! i'll look up to the ideas and see if the officials have realized it yet!

Morgan said...

It was nice to see you in Madison!