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Monday, May 12, 2008

Foot and mouth, and me; Stencil graffiti; Random UB

All the people depicted in this stencil have names above or below them. This is the "S United Crew"
This one says "I give you my heart"
The "S United Crew" logo and their depictions again.
A man painting the bottoms of the trees. Apparently it keeps the bugs off...
Another great spare tire cover "To choose sports for fashion or you personality. The basic idea is to enjoy yourself. That is important" Around the edge "It's outdoor sport that has recently started to shine. Outdoor sport is the science to raise spirits" WHAT?? Who writes these? I'll try and get more.
I hadn't realized that the country was in the midst of a foot and mouth scare until I went to the gym today only to find out it is closed until Wednesday because of "health issues". Upon further research I discovered that elementary schools and kindergartens are closed too. Here is a brief article from China View. Apparently this strain of foot and mouth is jumping from animals to humans (yikes!).
I've been walking by the "S United Crew" graffiti outside the National University for a few weeks now and today I brought my camera. These stencils are pretty ornate. Whoever made these obviously put a lot of time and work into them, especially the one that has depictions of all the crew members. Now that spring, excuse me, SUMMER is here, it's easy to take pictures without my hands freezing off. The picture of the man painting the tree trunks is interesting to me. I have no idea what they are painting on there. Nor do I understand how that keeps the bugs off. The other part of tree care taking here is to literally cut the tops off the trees. I heard that this is a Russian method. They say it makes the tree produce more branches and more shade. I have no idea if that is true.


John said...

Annie, you used to tag in the underpass by our house, so why dont you get a crew of your pals together and get to work in UB?

Ulaana said...

John: my tags held nothing to yours! Did you look at these? Maybe I can get a crew together and see what happens (HA!)

Natso said...

Heard about the HFMD. It drives me crazy.

Also there's been an earthquake, no? er... in China. Did you feel anything?

And what's with S united crew? Do they make show or are they at the guerilla marketing stage?

Ulaana said...

The S United Crew is a apparently a graffiti art gang there stuff is all over the city. There are a couple groups that do stencil tags on buildings. I'll try and get some more pictures because some of it is really good and interesting.
We didn't feel the earthquake here. I guess we are too far away.

Melissa K said...

i want one of those tire covers!

Andrew Campbell said...

Bagsh: your brother worked hard to get all those vandalism charges expunged from his record -- and now you've outed him again! I guess these don't really amount to much compared to all his public nudity arrests.

As for the HFMD: I think you'll be safest if you just don't put any feet in your mouth.

That's actually pretty sophisticated tagging. Now if they could combine stencils and Mongol script, that would be pretty awesome.

Keep on rocking.


John said...

Andrew Campbell sleeps with the fishes...

Andrew Campbell said...

I got three words for you...

Marquette + Halloween + pumpkin

Your secrets should be safe, but your sisters admire you so much;-)