Weather in UB

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spring is over

I think there was a week of spring, and suddenly everyone is saying it's summer. Mongolians always say they have 4 seasons here, but I think it's just 2, summer and winter. A week of fall and spring don't count for much in my book. It's 70F here today, but I remember from my days in Choibalsan, the weather here can change back to winter quite quickly. Snow in June is not uncommon.
Here are some pics from a recent Hash House Harriers run/walk
Smoggy UB in the distance

The view from the top


M.KATE said...

glad i found this blog, really wanted to learn more about mongolian culture and very nice pictures here :)

Anonymous said...

How do you find the hash in UB? I travel here often for work and would love to hook up with the hash. Do you have have contact details? Allnighter (Sarajevo H3)

Ulaana said...

For UB Hash info, email:
Usually it's Tuesday night meet at 6:15 at the Bayangol Hotel west tower. It's 6,000tg