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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Going, going

View from balcony August 2007
View from balcony July 2008
This Sunday is my last day in Mongolia (for now). This also mean the end of this blog (for now). I don't know what my next undertaking will be, but I am leaving this country having successfully completed my research. I even earned myself a Masters degree.
I'm not really sure what to end with, but I dug up a picture I took when I first moved in my apartment in late August 2007 and I'm putting it next to a picture of my view now. As you can see there is a major building boom here in UB. This place is changing daily. It'll be interesting to see what transpires in Mongolia both politically and socially in the coming months and years.


Maysam said...

I canُ t believe my eyes.
Do you want to leave this country for ever?
We will miss you.
I hope the best for you and really hope you back to mongolia once again,so soon.
I do not know what to say now but one thing more:

Andrew Campbell said...

Bagsh: must be difficult to leave. Mongolia will be a different (probably much less exciting) place without you there.

Go get loaded at the Grand Khan -- and have some buuz with your Guiness. Safe travels.


Meg said...

Aw, Annie! You'll be back. It's a place you've called home. Plus, Andrew and I still have to visit the Gobi, and we'd like our favorite translator - YOU - to lead the adventure. Love you! Meg

Bob said...

ULAANA, I enjoyed your blog. I think the first time I found it I was Googling for Mongolian music and a post of yours came up. I will leave for MGL in 9 days and start my own kind of MGL blog and post a link here. Congratulations on finishing your research and getting a masters degree.

Gherelmaa said...

Hey, I think (I am almost sure) I will see you back in UB. Meanwhile I will go back to this construction site and will take a year-after picture of it (maybe it is finished by now or stranded due to the global financial crisis). And remind me to take the picture of this building every year until you come and see it yourself!