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Friday, July 4, 2008

More Dornod pictures

Taking a break from the tension of the past few days here in UB (things are calm now), Todd gave me a CD with the pictures he took of our Dornod trip. These pictures prove to me that professional photographers really do take better photos then us normal people. I picked these pictures from over 400 on the CD. You can click on them and see bigger versions.
I recently spent a weekend in Beijing too. I'll be sure to post some pictures from that trip soon.
Enjoy! If you wanna see more of his stuff!

Old woman giving post-rain offering to the gods in Sumber.
The beekeeper and his bees
Bullseye in Choibalsan
Strike, Choibalsan
Happy parents of Yussentumor
The sweetest candid shoot of Saraa's older brother playing with Saraa's cute baby!
Sumber Buddha's, up close and personal
I hope you enjoyed these and remember to check out Todd's site.


Maysam said...

I really enjoyed watching these photos and hope to watch your photos from beijingُ trip very soon.
Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the last pic made my heart go boom.

yan said...

Thanks a lot for the pictures.

Something is wrong with the link to Nothing serious, it just links to the wrong place.

Ulaana said...

I fixed the link to Todd's site. It shoudl work now. Where did the old one take you? Any place exciting? Glad you all like the pics!

yan said...

I think it led to nowhere. Or maybe to error404's blog. I should have added that you can delete my comment, if you like another "Thanks for the pictures" I can add one that doesn't mention broken links.