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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Shock: Post election riots

There really isn't much I can say. There were protests outside the MPRP (Mongolian Peoples Revolutionary Party) headquarters yesterday. It started out being over allegations of election fraud, but turned into something different and ugly.

I have a feeling that some people here are frustrated. Frustrated with unemployment, lack of services and they felt the need to take it out on the ruling party. Sadly, they burned a large portion of the MPRP building (possibly burning the archives) and the looted a nearby art gallery and the State Symphony. It's a sad day for Mongolia.
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Maysam said...

Yeah,itُ s really too bad for mongolians and Iُ m so worry about this problem.I hope everything will be allright very soon.But the thing that really made me shocked was this part of news:((Majority of the instigators of the riot were in the state of alcoholic intoxication.))
I hope all of you are allright there.
Please take care of yourself,miss ulaana.