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Monday, July 7, 2008

Highlights from Beijing

My friend and I took a long weekend in Beijing last week and these pics are some of the highlights of that trip. I had major culture shock in Beijing because UB is nothing like that! We had a great time and oddly enough when we landed back in UB we were both happy to be home. The weather in China was pretty rainy and smoggy/foggy. It looked like they are pretty well prepared for the Olympics minus the pollution. However, if you are thinking of going during the Olympics, good luck getting a Visa because the regulations have changed and Visa's are being denied left and right (at least in UB). Warning sign in the hutong (click on it to read the fine print)
Great wall under great clouds
Taking the cable car down from the wall
Jocelyn and I renting bikes-the best thing to do in Beijing
The Forbidden City
Bill Clinton sat in the cable car I sat in
Ulaana storms the Great Wall in honor of the Mongols


Christian said...

I've heard it's not just UB. Apparently it's happening everywhere from NYC to Israel.

Ulaana said...

What's the deal? Don't they want people to go spend money in China?

Andrew Campbell said...

My guess is that Bill + Cathy may have been responsible for some, as yet undisclosed, international incident. Or maybe didn't spend enough money in China.

Nice tat, Bagsh.


Maysam said...

Both of your posts are just great.
And I got alot of information from your last post(bees). Youُ re so brave,miss ulaana.